PM Training – The SPARK Method

“How can I start a career in Project Management in a fast, practical manner and have a successful career start?”

For centuries, ancient painters and architects used a golden ratio between dimensions inside their master pieces. They tried to find a perfect balance between them and create the most compelling pieces that pleased the human eye.
By transferring that ancient approach to Project Management, we also try to find a perfect balance between management and leadership but also between control and trust.

You absolutely need to know about this because once it is implemented into your working system, you can be confident that you are starting your career in Project Management by delivering great results and being respected as a leader by your team members.

The reason why this method is different from everything else is that finally we truly concentrate on the cooperation between team members and leadership, not on processes and procedures, like most courses and official guides do.

As a new Project Manager, you will not know everything. But guess what – you do not need to know everything! It is enough to know how to cooperate with people and create an environment in which they are willing to share knowledge.

Our first task is to reduce the complexity, to remove the pressure of having to know everything, and to start from the basics. We move together through our method, step by step, so you can go to work and be excited while building new relationships and delivering great results!

Moreover, by going back to the basics and using the knowledge of the whole team, you save a lot of time, avoid misunderstandings, and build trust between team members!

The reason our approach works so well is that we take a step back and teach WHY we communicate the way we do, and then we show HOW you can do it by providing you with practical tooling set.

By cooperating effectively and treating your team members well, you are guaranteed to have more success in your projects.

From the cooperation point of view, The SPARK Method introduces ideas on:

soft skills;
planning the work;
communication strategies;
the need for constant improvement;
leadership essentials for leading a team.

Do not hesitate to give it a go!

A word of two from the Creator of the course.

Hi there,

My name is Marko Radović and for more than a decade I have taught, lead various projects, and cooperated with people around the globe.
I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP® #1702088), Agile Champion and recipient of several Service Excellence Awards and Manager Choice Awards.
It is my pleasure to finally present to you a balanced approach that allowed me to be perceived as a great mentor, leader and colleague wherever I worked, and I would like to give you the tool that is a result of years spent in both mentoring and Project Management fields.

Briefly put, when I started my career in Project Management, I needed to discover tips and tricks on my own.
I was thrown “into the fire” immediately and I needed to orient myself in a completely new area full of procedures, processes, “dos and don’ts.”
Naturally, I made missteps, I encountered setbacks, worked with difficult clients, but eventually, I grew out of it with a vast experience.

For that purpose, I have created an approach which is called “The SPARK Method” and which strikes a perfect balance between control and trust but also between management and leadership, all of which are necessary for a great career start.

Thank you for the trust and good luck!

Want to stop
wasting time on
Pointless Meetings
And Get Results Instead?
Get a free eBook and access The Sparkle Inner Circle
want to stop wasting time on
Pointless Meetings
And Get Results Instead?
Get a free eBook and access The Sparkle Inner Circle
Get a free eBook and access The Sparkle Inner Circle
Get a free eBook and access The Sparkle Inner Circle