Click on a module in the circle to get more information about what you will learn in our course.

The Module S (Strategy) will teach you how to:


  1. Prepare every meeting with a sense of purpose.
  2. Prepare every meeting with clarity about outcome.
  3. Be effective at every meeting.
  4. Set invitations and meeting agendas.
  5. Set and behave in an audio conferences.
  6. Behave while using screen sharing.
  7. Behave while using video conferences.
  8. Behave while having face-to-face meetings.

The Module P (Planning) will teach you how to:


  1. Orient yourself immediately in the Project Management area.
  2. Learn by doing!
  3. Organize the work that needs to be done.
  4. Schedule tasks.
  5. Manage costs of a project.
  6. Execute the plan.
  7. Perform Risk Management.
  8. Perform Issue Management.
  9. Generate Lessons Learned.

The Module A (Action) will teach you how to:


  1. Get comfortable with your chosen communication strategy.
  2. Grow by asking questions and gathering feedback.
  3. Listen, test and act on feedback.
  4. Course correct and continue with the improved system.

The Module R (Reflect) will teach you how to:


  1. Use soft skills and lead your team toward maximum results.
  2. Avoid micromanagement.
  3. Use knowledge of the whole team.
  4. Improve on soft skills and team leadership.
  5. Grow as a person.
  6. Be respected by the team as a great leader!

The Module K (Know and Practice Leadership Values) will teach you how to:


  1. Understand the importance of trust and openness.
  2. Understand the importance of courage, empathy and respect.
  3. Get a set of tools and practices to implement those values.