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Everything we do, every service we offer has a goal to accelerate personal improvement in your career by creating educational materials, webinars, and courses that are implementable directly into your daily work, all the while making the world a bit better place.

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Our Team

We are a team that puts true leadership values of trust, openness, empathy, and courage first, lives by them in our daily lives, and implements all of them in our services and relations.

Marko Radović

Marko has been an instructor, mentor, and a leader for well over a decade. Working as a System...

PMO Team

Project Management Office
Project Management Office – Team comprised of young professionals supporting Course Creation Services. They are...

Why Choose Us

Our Vision is to accelerate professional and personal development of young people, and by doing that make a small part of the world a better place. One lesson at a...

Core Competences

Our dynamic, international experience has helped us gain a wide range of competencies and knowledge in many technical and leadership areas that we are more than happy to share with others.

Proven Technical and Practical Skills

More than 20 years of combined, intense work in multinational companies have sharpened our IT and Leadership skills that are recognized in practice by our Stakeholders. Our skills in those areas are used in real-life situations every day while delivering high-quality services.

Extensive Leadership Experience

Currently, we are managing more than 200 people with exemplary Empowerment and Engagement survey results. We develop our team members, deliver high-quality service while living true leadership values of respect, trust, courage, empathy, and openness.

Mentoring and Coaching Experience

We have not only focused on discovering different mentoring skills but also incorporating them into our daily habits. From conscious choice, mentoring became the principal we integrated into our life. Our approach was welcomed by our teams, colleagues, and even acquaintances.

Happy Clients

A true success in education, mentoring, and coaching is achieved when the student is able to apply the acquired knowledge and grow both as a professional and a person.


"...you’ve been an inspiration and positively influenced me to learn and work and I will never forget that..."



“... a great human, manager, leader, PM in one body. I had a chance to observe his team transformation and the outcome was bigger than anyone could imagine. People have started communicating and talking openly, he builds a situation in this way that people don't have to do something... they just want to do something...”, 


Project Manager

“ ...I could numerate several different merits which Marko is holding to, which from my perspective are the ones each good Manager should follow:

trust, loyalty, open and honest communication, positive attitude to people and changes, respect, good listening.

Such working environment is the one which I, as an employee was searching for to be efficient and satisfied in...”


Portfolio Manager

“...leaping off the page on a regular basis by being a mentor, by leading internal knowledge sessions within his Department & Unit, by receiving approbations for his outstanding PM performance.

It is very hard to be a manager but also a coach and mentor at the same time but Marko succeeds...”


Senior Project Manager

“...very unique example of balance between recognition of human in each employee and business results, so important in big corporation...”


Senior Project Manager

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